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Tea Tree Oil Lid Scrub Instructions

You will need:

  • Tea tree oil (pharmaceutical grade)
    • A recommended site to purchase pharmaceutical grade tea tree essential oil is
  • Baby shampoo (hypoallergenic, no tears)
  • Travel-size bottle


  • Rinse and clean travel-size bottle
  • Insert 1 part tea tree oil to 3 parts baby shampoo
  • Gently shake the bottle to blend the oil and shampoo
  • Scrub affected eyelid margins for 20 seconds
  • Rinse eyelids with warm water
    • Please ensure the treatment is completely rinsed from lids
  • Repeat as recommended by your doctor


In consideration of our high risk patients, we kindly ask that all patients wear a mask throughout your visit to our office.  Thank you for your cooperation!

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