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Dr. JoAnne C. Takara


Dr. JoAnne Takara was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and is a graduate of Iolani School.  She attended Washington University in Saint Louis where she worked towards a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.  In the last years of her engineering courses, Dr. Takara realized her passion lay elsewhere.  Gaining inspiration from her own optometrist, Dr. Takara decided to pursue optometry.  After earning a BS in Electrical Engineering, Dr. Takara attended Indiana School of Optometry where she graduated with a Doctorate of Optometry degree.  She completed a residency in primary care and low vision rehabilitation in Tucson Veterans Administration Center and Southwestern Blind Rehabilitation Center.   Dr. Takara is a licensed optometrist in the states of Hawaii and Colorado

Hawaii Vision Associates is honored to have Dr. JoAnne Takara.  She is a residency-trained doctor with 25 years of experience in a spectrum of optometry settings from surgical co-management to retail optometry settings.  She has a strong belief in educating patients through the exam for a high-quality patient experience and to foster long-term relationships.

Outside of caring for patients, Dr. Takara cares for her elderly parents and enjoys spending time with her family.  When she has a free moment she loves to be outdoors, especially tinkering in her garden, or losing herself in a good audiobook.

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