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Dr. Lizette Aquino-Bautista, O. D.

Dr. Lizette Aquino-Bautista, O. D.
Languages: English, Ilocano

Dr. Lizette C. Aquino-Bautista was born in Tarlac City in Central Luzon, Phillipines.  She was raised in Ewa Beach, Hawaii and graduated from Campbell High School.  She later attended and graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology.  While earning her Bachelor’s degree, Dr. Aquino-Bautista worked as an Optometric technician for Dr. Calvin Alonzo.  Dr. Aquino-Bautista attributes her career aspirations to the mentorship of Dr. Calvin Alonzo. With Dr. Alonzo's guidance, Dr. Aquino-Bautista attend and graduated from his alma mater Pacific University College of Optometry.  Upon graduating, Dr. Alonzo welcomed her back into his practice. 

Currently, Dr. Lizette C. Aquino-Bautista practices with Dr. Calvin Alonzo at the Filipino Community Center in Waipahu and with Hawaii Vision Associates.  After years of working under the mentorship of Dr. Calvin Alonzo, Dr. Aquino-Bautista has honed her conversational and medical-based knowledge of Ilocano.  Hawaii Vision Associates is honored to welcome Dr. Aquino-Bautista to our family. 

In her free-time, Dr. Lizette C. Aquino-Bautista enjoys spending time with her family. You may also find her going for long outdoors walks or indulging herself in a good book.

In consideration of our high risk patients, we kindly ask that all patients wear a mask throughout your visit to our office.  Thank you for your cooperation!

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