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Dr. Sherry T. Wong

Dr. Sherry T. Wong was born and raised in California. She attended NOVA southeastern University in Fort-Lauderdale-Davie, Florida. She later attended NOVA’s College of Optometry where she earned her doctorate of optometry degree (OD).

Growing up in California, Dr. Wong would spend her free-time relaxing along California’s beautiful coastlines and famous beaches. Though she loved California’s sites, she grew tired of the hectic lifestyle. Therefore, after graduating from NOVA College of Optometry, she decided to move to Hawaii in pursuit of paradise and the aloha spirit. For Dr. Wong, Hawaii possessed it all: friendly people, beautiful tropical beaches, and a laid-back island life. Though she still loves to travel back to California, for now Dr. Wong calls Hawaii and her island life home.
Aside from traveling, in Dr. Wong’s spare time she also loves to bake. She can be found watching the latest Food Network episode of Cupcake Wars or aspiring to be TLC’s Next Great Baker. Until Dr. Wong’s baking aspirations come to fruition, we are lucky and grateful to have Dr. Sherry Wong apart of Hawaii Vision Associates.

Dr. Wong is first and foremost a noteworthy optometrist. She specializes in comprehensive optometry.

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